Remains of a Necropolis in the Garden of a Franciscan Monastery


42.583558, 18.214352

cadastral plot 39 cadastral plot the 40 of the cadastre municipality Cavtat
Mala karta

Although there are no visible traces today, we can find in the older literature that the earliest ancient tombs found so far were located in the garden area of the Franciscan monastery. Several Roman tombs with ceramic and stone urns were found in the garden. Also, Niko Štuk states that in 1906, during the arrangement of the kitchen in the Franciscan monastery, a fragment of a tombstone with a gable end and a depiction of the bust of an unknown female figure was found in the sidewalk. Of the inscriptions, only D M S remains as a typical beginning of the tomb inscriptions (Dis Manibus - To the spirits of the departed) and below that the letter CARI.


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