Remains of an Ancient Wall


42.584093, 18.212283

cadastral plot 32 of the cadastre municipality Cavtat
Mala karta

In the south-western part of the walkway on the Rat peninsula, the structure of a more massive ancient wall can be seen in the foundations of the stone sub-wall. The remains of the ancient wall were first spotted by Aleksandra Faber in 1966 while touring the terrain. She claimed that it was most likely the remains of a coastal fortification. In the work De bello Alexandrino, written in the 1st century BC, Epidaurum was first mentioned as a praesidium, i.e. a fortified settlement, but no traces of it have been found archaeologically. In early 2021, due to the collapse of the stone sub-wall during heavy rainfall, only the stone sub-wall that settled on the ancient wall was repaired, as it was established that the old foundation of the sub-wall was solid and did not need to be removed to excavate and reinforce the foundations of the stone wall. Therefore, it was not further investigated what the construction of the ancient wall was, nor was the stone sub-wall lowered 1.5 m to reach the ancient wall. Only archaeological surveillance was carried out, and a large number of fragments of amphorae and ancient building materials were found in the collapse of the sub-wall, but a more serious archaeological excavation will still be needed to define the ancient structure.


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