Cistern Under St. Rocco

Late Antiquity

42.58421, 18.212912

cadastral plot 33 of the cadastre municipality Cavtat
Mala karta

On the south side of the Rat peninsula, just below today’s cemetery, there is an ancient cistern measuring 300 x 460 cm, with a preserved height of 210 cm. The cistern is rectangular in shape without a preserved vault, but we can see that it is a cistern from the composition of the construction material from which it was made. In the immediate vicinity, about 20 meters to the east, are the remains of a nymphaeum / piscina where the ancient aqueduct most likely ended, and about 50 meters to the west are the remains of an ancient complex, which is why the location of the presumed cistern is not surprising. Around the ruined remains of the cistern, movable surface finds such as fragments of pottery, amphorae and tegulas can be found.