The Inscription and the Remains of the Water Supply System in Vuličevićeva Street

1st century AD

42.583995, 18.214944

cadastral plot 135 of the cadastre municipality Cavtat
Mala karta

Along Vuličevićeva street, the only street in Cavtat that is not levelled with stairs and is the only road access to the cemetery of St. Rocco, several ancient epigraphic inscriptions have been found. One of them mentions the governor of the province of Dalmatia Publius Cornelius Dolabella, a Roman military unit Cohors VI Voluntariorum, its commander L. Purtizi Atinas and two city magistrates. The inscription testifies to the completion of a major construction project, and it can be assumed that it took place between 14 and 20 AD, when Dolabella was the governor of Dalmatia. That major construction projects is most likely the completion of the aqueduct (Vodovađa - Cavtat), and the inscription is today in the Baltazar Bogišić Collection. Also, in the garden of the house of the Burđelez family in Vuličevićeva Street, the remains of a water supply system in full profile are situated. Niko Štuk wrote about them in 1908 and mentioned additional foundations of unknown buildings.


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